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European ATC Ice Hockey Tournament

5th – 7th May 2016

We are looking forward to see you in Košice

Mayor of the City of Košice

   primator_rasi_2    Dear participants of hockey tournament of teams of air traffic controllers,

I am very glad that you have come back to our city again after two years to organize your famous international tournaments. It makes us pleasure even more because this year Košice has become the European City of Sport. Your repeated visit is a clear sign for us that when you came first time to Košice, you spent here a nice time. It is really nice to feel your favour again, so allow me, please, to wish you a lot of pleasant experience in Košice.

As I have already mentioned, Košice is the European City of Sport for 2016, but even without this prestigious title it has been for a long time a real place for sports. By award of this title we would like to show the whole Europe that our city makes sport activities all year long, and it is full of sport and physical activities. Our goal is to attract as many Košice citizens as possible to sports, physical activities and healthy life style this year and the following periods also. We would like to get back to sports those people, too who have stopped to do sport activities for some reasons.

We want to make the sports attractive for those who haven’t done any sport activities so far. Sport may become the fixed and permanent part of life for everybody and it may contribute to the healthy life style of inhabitants of Košice. This is the long term mission of the project Košice – European City of Sport 2016.

We have prepared for the wide public a plenty of activities, events and projects, such as Quadrille, Swimming relay race – 24 hours in swimming pool, Challenge Day, Night Run, Move Week, the European Week of Sport, Discover Your Sport, Touch the Stars, Olympic games for seniors, Sport of Three Generations – a sport meeting of partner cities V4 – Košice, Miskolc, Ostrava, Katowice.

I would like to mention also the Three King´s Run, You Cannot Escape Colours, 24 hours Fitness, 24 hours on Ice, Spartan Race – city circle, Tvrďák/Strong men race, Runway Run on the Košice Airport under the lights of Boeing airplanes, Zombie Run, Learn Your City Košice through Run, Run in ZOO, Jumping under the Tower, School Olympic games of children of kindergartens and primary schools, Athletics through Playing and Cycling and inline competitions for young people.